Caring for your Uggs

Caring for your ugg boots:-

Like any fine garment, sheepskin is delicate but with proper care and cleaning, you can expect your footwear to last years.
While we in no way guarantee that all stains can be prevented, nor can all stains be removed, the following tips will help you give your ugg boots, all the loving care they deserve.

Ugg Boots:

  • Cannot be dry cleaned 
  • Cannot be soaked
  • Cannot be rubbed
  • Cannot be washed in a machine
  • Cannot be rinsed with fabric softener
  • Cannot be dried in direct sunlight
  • Cannot be dried with artificial heat

Waterproofing your Uggs:-

Prior to wearing your new sheepskin and suede footwear, we recommend that you treat them with Sheepskin Protector Spray, to help protect them from dirt and staining. Subsequent treatment will be needed if your ugg boots get wet and also after cleaning.

To avoid any damage during the application process:-

  • Evenly spray the sheepskin surface with Sheepskin Protector until it appears wet, but NOT soaked.
  • Let the boots dry naturally for at least 24 hours. Please don't dry them in direct heat or direct sunlight.
  • Lightly brush in one direction, with a very soft bristle suede/nubuck brush, to raise the nap and natural tracking.
      PS - The brush provided in the UGG Care kit is perfect for the job.

Cleaning your Uggs (hand wash only please):-

Moisten sheepskin footwear with clean, cool or luke warm water. Avoid getting them soaking wet.
Don't use hot water, as it may weaken glue and cause shrinking.

Apply a small amount of Sheepskin Cleaning solution to a clean sponge or soft brush.
Clean entire area thoroughly and evenly. You could use an old soft toothbrush to help in the washing process.
Gently rub to clean the entire area.
But remember:- Sheepskin has a delicate surface which can be damaged by aggressive scrubbing or by directly pouring cleaning solution onto the surface of your uggs.

Using a clean cloth or absorbent white paper towel, rinse with clean, cold water using a blotting motion to remove the cleaner from your boots.
After washing and rinsing your ugg boots, they can be sprayed with Sheepskin Protector Spray.
To hold their shape while your footwear dries, lightly stuff your  boots with white absorbent paper towel.

Allow to dry naturally and slowly. Ugg boots cannot be dried in a clothes dryer. They must be air dried away from heat and direct sunlight.

Your footwear will take a day or two to dry completely.
You will notice that once the footwear has dried, they will have shrunk slightly. This is normal. After wearing them for an hour or so, they will go back to the normal, warm and comfortable state that you are used to.

Once footwear is dry, lightly brush with a very soft suede/nubuck brush in one direction only.

Cleaning instructions for Fancy Sheepskin, Classic Metallics, Paisley, Mosaic, Embroidered Boots, Croc, Floral, Sweater Knit, Specialty Suede and Leathers:

  • Do not rub
  • Do not use any cleaning product
  • Do not use a brush

Deodorizing your Uggs:-

To deodorize and soften the inside of your boots, you can use a mixture of 2 tsp. baking soda and 2 tsp. corn flour. Mix to a dry paste and shake mixture into the boots. Let it stand overnight and shake the excess out the next day.
Tip: If you wish, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to paste, to create a sweet scent.

Alternatively, lightly spray your footwear with UGG Freshener Spray.

If cared for properly your ugg boots should last for years.